How to get Happy Fast!


Tired of being in the dumps? Want to know how to get happy fast? First you have to understand that we all live in different states. Not geographical states, but ’emotional states’. For example, when you are in a sad state, you feel depressed, you want to cry, you lack energy, and you feel horrible.

Yet, while in this sad state, if someone comes along and says something funny, you may automatically forget you are in the sad state and laugh. You have suddenly moved from a sad state to a happy state.

The states we choose to be in is just that, a choice. We can be sad all the time, or happy all the time. But, most people rely on external circumstances to control their states. We enjoy comedians because they transfer us immediately to a humorous state. We enjoy action movies because they take us to a state of adventure and we get to enjoy this state for as long as the movie lasts. If it is a romantic comedy, we are in a state of love and immediately we go back to a neutral or sad state after the movie is over realizing it is only fantasy.

Tony Robbins, internationally known peak performance coach and master NLP practitioner, has taught us over the past 20 years how to be the best we can be by controlling our emotional states. He is one of the most upbeat people you will ever meet! You can listen to anyone of his inspirational messages on YouTube and you will see that he is continually in a positive, energetic state. At this high intensity state, he attracts everything in his life he wants because he is always upbeat and happy and if he isn’t he makes himself happy.

Here are three things according to Tony Robbins you can do to get yourself in a happy state immediately:

1. Think of what you are proud of about yourself – People who are sad all the time, think negatively about themselves, others, and life in general. Begin by lifting yourself up. Think of 3 things you’ve done, said, or thought of that you are proud of.

2. Think of who you love – Who do you love more than anything in the world? Is it your friends, family, co-workers, spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend? Why do you love them? Think of three people you know and three reasons for each why you love them.

3. What are you grateful for? – Sometimes we take for granted the life we have. We forget that we have a soft bed to sleep in, running water, a microwave that cooks our food in seconds, a car or other transportation to takes us where we want to go. Think of at least 10 things your are grateful  for and why.

If this doesn’t get you going, turn on your favorite music and dance, sing along, or let your imagination run wild as you enjoy the lyrics. No matter what state you are in, you must understand that no-one can control your emotional or mental state. You are the only one. Sometimes it feels like others are in control and if that was the case, then we are at the mercy of others and become victims of circumstance.

Take control of your life today by first taking control of your happy state! It’s okay to use external props like music, comics, or other audio and visual resources. Yet, we also have to be able to create our own happy thoughts to keep it going and to build an intrinsic powerhouse of positive energy. Once it is built, we just add to it everyday.

They say the more happy you are, the more happy experiences you attract! I like to start my day asking a question to get my happy juices bubbling: “What needs to happen today to totally rock my world and make me grin ear to ear?” And during the course of my day, something will happen, or I will think of something that totally rocks!

I know we all have reasons to be sad, depressed, etc. and sometimes we have to feel them to get them out of our system, but sitting in these states only bring more things into our lives that will reinforce these feeling.

Why not start today your happy practices and see where it takes you!

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I Am Living My Vision! Are You?

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

I am living the most abundant life I can imagine! Are You?

If not, you have to as yourself, Why not?”


You Control Your Abundance and Your Success!

My answer is that I have not yet expanded your imagination enough to encompass my vision, but just by reading this article you are getting closer. You see, I am now a full-fledged student of “The Law of Living In Abundance”. This universal law drives what is actually showing up in my life every day, moment by moment.

Our culture is full of truisms that support the “Law of Abundance”. The following represent only a few of those truisms. “If you set your mind to it…” “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.” “You are a victim of the rules you live by.” “I think, therefore I am”.

Look at the people around you. What do you see? When you look at a person’s life you can literally read their mind. A person’s outer state of being is nothing more than the manifestation of a person’s thought. Now look inside. Do you see peace, serenity, affluence, love, abundance? To have these things and actualize them, you have to set your mind to it.

As these words are expressions of my vision, I had to fully understand their meaning to me. The following brief definitions represent my vision of my life (and luckily match dictionary definitions). 

Peace – harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; the absence of mental stress or anxiety 

Serenity – Calmness of mind; evenness of temper; undisturbed state; coolness; composure.


Money is a Source of Abundance That is A Tool For You!

Affluence – Infinite wealth, an abundant supply, as of thought, words, feelings, etc.; profusion; also, abundance of property; wealth

Love – A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness

Abundance – A great or plentiful amount; Fullness to overflowing

By learning to manifest through proper use of the “Law of Abundance”, all this and more can be yours.

“Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.” Florence Scovel Shinn.


I am creating my story each day. If you don’t like your story, begin to rewrite it and take control of your destiny.

Our lives are our biggest accomplishment. Our lives are the living matter of our vision. By creating your vision, and by living in a state of gratitude for what you have created and then imagining with great enthusiasm as you move toward the direction of your most deeply held desire you are on your way to actualizing it. Be abundant today!


Embrace Your New Mindset!

Dance, sing and celebrate your new possibility beginning right now!  Feel free to leave comments and if you have questions, please email me. I promise to answer them.

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Be Abundant TODAY!

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